Introducing the Ocean Song Project

Finback Whales

Finback Whales by Angela M. Wade

The Museum of Zoology in Cambridge is home to many wonders of the Animal Kingdom. Creatures from land and sea, tiny insects to elephants, animals that barely look like animals at all. The largest of all the Museum’s specimens in the magnificent Finback Whale skeleton that until October 2013 hung above the entrance to the Museum, floodlit at night making for a striking and memorable image.

Finback Whale skeleton

Finback Whale skeleton


The Museum is undergoing a major refurbishment, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which includes new stores, galleries, displays, and a brand new, glass foyer to house this iconic whale skeleton.

Image courtesy of Nicholas Hare architects

Image courtesy of Nicholas Hare architects

The Ocean Song: Sounds of the Sea project is creating a new sound installation to accompany this iconic skeleton in its new home. This installation, a soundscape inspired by the sea, will combine the voices of nature with the voices of the people of Cambridge and beyond. A series of workshops will explore natural sounds and the sounds we can make, and record the voices of participants to include in the sound installation, giving groups from across the city the opportunity to become a part of the Museum of Zoology, and create a new experience for visitors to the Museum. We are just setting off on this voyage of sound discovery, and will keep you updated on our progress, the people involved, and more!


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