Ocean Song Launch, Saturday 15 November 2014


We are beginning our journey to the sounds of the sea this Saturday, with the first workshop of the Ocean Song Project. Our museum is undergoing a lot of building work right now, but we are excited to be hosted by the Polar Museum for this workshop. Join us from 2pm with the project partners and artists, Chris Watson, Rowena Whitehead and CAMEO, the outreach team from the University of Cambridge Department of Music.

Award-winning sound artist Chris Watson will introduce us to his recordings of the sounds of the sea and the creatures that live there. From the crash of the waves to amazing grazing limpets to singing fish, the oceans are far from silent! Through his career Chris has captured these sounds and opened our ears to the symphony of the oceans.

Then explore your voice with choir leader Rowena Whitehead and the team from the Music Department. Can we bring the sounds of the sea to Cambridge? We will begin recording voices for the new soundscape, so this is a chance for you to feature in the new Museum of Zoology!

If you would like to take part in this first workshop, please drop us a line at umzc@zoo.cam.ac.uk to book a place.

This workshop is suitable for adults and children over 8 years old. All children must be accompanied.

This workshop is running alongside the Polar Museum’s Whale of a Time family drop-in day, and is part of the Curating Cambridge programme of the University of Cambridge Museums.


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