Results of the first Ocean Song workshop

A huge thank you to everybody who came to the first of our Ocean Song workshops, held at the Polar Museum on Saturday November 15th. We had a wonderful time listening to the amazing recordings made by sound artist Chris Watson of the ocean above and below the waves, and the animals that live there, and hearing how he collected them. From the crackling of limpets grazing, to the whoosh and splash of minke whales, and the extraordinary singing of bearded seals, it was a voyage of discovery from shore to open ocean. With the expert teaching and guidance of Rowena Whitehead, we recreated these sounds of the oceans, and added music to the sounds of the ocean. This culminated in the creation of a wonderful ocean symphony, which you can hear now for the first time. This is the first recording that will contribute to the Ocean Song soundscape to be installed in the new Whale Hall of the Museum of Zoology. We hope you enjoy it! And we will keep you posted on when the next workshops in the series will be.

“Incredible to hear the recordings of these animals. How lovely to sing like this with inspiring musical teacher – so relaxed, friendly and enthusiastic.” (workshop participant)


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