Ocean Song Workshop in St Ives July 19th 2015

The Ocean Song project will be rolling out to St. Ives on Sunday the 19th July for another fantastic session with Rowena Whitehead and the Museum of Zoology Outreach Team. Listen to some of the intriguing recordings made by sound artist Chris Watson, discover more about the animals that made them and then lend us your voices for the Ocean Song sound installation! We’re very excited that staff from the Norris Museum will be bringing over objects from their museum. This is a wonderful chance to ask curators about the sort of marine life which existed in the area millions of years ago, back when the region was under water. The Norris Museum doors will be open a little later than usual too, for visitors who would like pop over the road and visit the museum when the afternoon Ocean Song session has finished.

The workshops will be held at St Ives Methodist Church Book on FREE from either 11am-12.30pm or 2pm-3.30pm. The workshop is suitable for over 8 year olds. No singing experience necessary.

Booking is essential

Online Booking for Ocean Song



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