Last Chance to add YOUR voice to the Ocean Song soundscape

Online Booking for Ocean Song Finale

Saturday 14 November 2015, 3pm-5pm, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Drum roll…. This is it, the final workshop of the Ocean Song project! As part of our Whale Weekend, celebrating the 150th anniversary of our magnificent Finback Whale washing ashore at Normans Bay, Pevensey in November 1865, we will be hosting the last Ocean Song workshop. Join world renowned wildlife sound recorder Chris Watson as he takes us on a journey through the world’s oceans using his recordings of the sea and the animals that live there. The oceans are so full of sound you will never look at the sea in the same way again! Then with fantastic choir leader Rowena Whitehead we will be learning sounds and songs of the sea, which Chris will record to weave into our fabulous Ocean Song sound installation. We will be looking back at some of the sounds we have collected through this project and hearing new sounds of the sea. We want as many people as possible to help us celebrate this most wondrous of whales, so please sign up! We will be in the Department of Zoology’s lecture theatre for this workshop, so you can get a glance at the new whale hall that will be the new home for the whale and his Ocean Song soundtrack too.

To book your place at this unique event, visit:

Online Booking for Ocean Song Finale

And as a taster if you’re new to the project, or reminder if you have been to one of the workshops, here is the recording from the first workshop that took place in November last year in all its glory:

We look forward to seeing you there!


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