About the Ocean Song project

The Museum of Zoology, Cambridge is undergoing a major refurbishment, and is due to open in 2018. A major part of the building works is the construction of a new, glass foyer to house the iconic, 21m long Finback Whale skeleton. This whale was stranded in Norman’s Bay, Pevensey, Sussex in November 1065, and drew quite a crowd before being put on display at Hastings Cricket Ground and eventually sold to the Museum in 1866. This skeleton is the inspiration behind this innovative community engagement project creating a soundscape to accompany the whale in its new home.

The Ocean Song project includes at its core a series of 20 workshops with people from across Cambridge and beyond, where we will be exploring the sounds of nature, how animals produce and perceive sounds, and exploring our own voices and the sounds we can make. Recordings will be made of these voices of the community, and combined with natural sounds, including recordings of the ocean at Pevensey, to create an atmospheric sound installation for the new Whale Hall.

The sound installation is being created by award winning sound recorder and artist Chris Watson, known for his work on David Attenborough’s “Life” series and “Frozen Planet”, as well as work for radio, and creating sound pieces for Museums and other cultural institutions.

Follow this blog to see the progress of this project, and find out how you can take part.


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